We work for you in particular in the following legal fields:

  • Patent and utility model law:
    • Patents and utility models protect technical inventions. They give the proprietor for a defined territory and time the privilege to have the invention solely for his disposal. The holder of these rights thus acquires an exclusive right to the use of his invention.
  • Trademark law:
    • Trademarks identify products and services of a company. Words, letters, numbers, images, colours and acoustic signals can be protected as trademarks.
  • Design law:
    • A design protects the two- or three-dimensional appearance of a part of or a complete product. The design of a surface or the design of a three-dimensional object can be protected.
  • Competition law:
    • Competition law lays down rules for the behaviour of companies in competition. The most important rules are found in the “law against unfair competition” (UWG). The law against unfair competition is supplemented by numerous special laws.
  • Copyright law:
    • Copyright law protects the right of the originator to his work. Unlike industrial property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks and registered designs), copyright law is not restricted to the commercial area.
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